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The original Department of Enterprise Management was divided into three parts in June 2004, and one of these three parts became the current Department of Marketing.
Tsinghua SEM has a post-doctoral research station in Business Administration, and is also entitled to offer the doctoral degree in Business Administration, which has been selected as a first-tier National Priority Discipline. Therefore, the Department can directly recruit post-doctoral, doctoral and Master’s students.
As of November 2009, the Department of Marketing had 12 faculty members. Most of the faculty have attained their degrees or studied abroad. Besides doctoral and Master's students, over 100 MBA students from various backgrounds also join the Department each year to undertake thesis research.
The academic research of the Department of Marketing is characterized by the high level of studies, the abundance of projects supported by national funding or ministries and commissions, as well as the quality and amount of academic papers. The Journal of Marketing Science, a top-ranking Chinese marketing journal, was initiated and is run by the Department.
The future aim of the Department is: to become an advanced academic institute of marketing in China with far-reaching international influence.
Research Areas
Consumer Behavior 
Branding Strategy 
Retail Management 
Channel and Distribution 
Online Marketing 
Customer Relationship Management 
Integrated Marketing Communications