Collaborative Degree Programs

Tsinghua SEM offers collaborative degree programs in partnership with domestic and overseas universities.

Tsinghua University-The Chinese University of Hong Kong MBA Program in Finance (FMBA)

The program aims to foster talents who know China market well, and in the meantime have a global perspective, who pride themselves on extensive financial knowledge and management skills, who are well-prepared to take the lead in global financial industry in the near future.

Jointly offered by Tsinghua SEM and CUHK Business School, FMBA Program is the first MBA program in China specialized in finance. Its curriculum is designed to reflect the rapid growth of global financial industry, and is closely connected with the reform and development of China’s capital market. The program first launched a module in 2000 in Beijing where Tsinghua University is located, followed by the second module set up at the Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen. So far, over 1000 professionals with good academic performance and splendid work experience have graduated from these 2 modules.

Tsinghua-ENAC-ENPC Executive MBA Program Specialized in Aeronautics and Aviation Management (TEE-EMBA)

The program was developed by Tsinghua SEM, in partnership with l’Ecole National de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), and L'Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) in 2014 and it is the first program of its kind in China. Based on EMBA programs of Tsinghua SEM, it incorporates professional disciplines and courses on advanced and professional management knowledge and skills that suitable for China and global market. The program provides a complete range of higher education and advanced training courses to develop corporate executives with oriental and western management theory, strategic thinking and a global perspective.

Tsinghua-ENAC Specialized Master Program in Aviation Management (Air Transport Management/Airport Management)

The program is an executive graduate program specialized in Aviation Management jointly developed by Tsinghua SEM and l’Ecole National de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) in 2014. This program brings modern industrial management theories and analytical methods into aviation management and enhances scientific and systematic management skills of top management and integrates business administration theories and aviation management practices. The program aims at training the talents with solid management theory and aviation expertise required for the rapid development of aviation industry in China and the world.

Tsinghua-Sotheby’s Master’s Program in Art Business

The program aims at cultivating top talents and future leaders in Western and Chinese art markets, equipping them with both managerial skill-sets and a global insight in the sector.

Jointly developed and launched by Tsinghua SEM, Tsinghua AAD and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2015, Tsinghua-Sotheby’s Master’s Program in Art Business is the first program in China that awards an MA degree in Art Business under the accreditation of the Ministry of Education. The module-based program provides academic lectures, panel discussions and guided visits to art-related institutions, featuring overseas modules in New York, London and Los Angeles as well as thesis supervision. Scholarships are available for candidates demonstrating excellence, and the program has established practice bases that offer internships to outstanding students.