TSEM Signed Cooperation Memo with Harvard School of Public Health and Ministry of Health

On the afternoon of June 21, Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua School of Public Policy and Management, National Ministry of Health and Harvard School of Public Health sighed the coorperative memo for their multiple-party cooperative executive training program in the Peoples Grand Hall. Gao Qiang, Minister of Health, Dr. Bruce, Dean of HSPH and Dr. Gong Ke, Vice President of Tsinghua University attended the ceremony and delivered their respective speeches. Dean Zhao Chunjun, in representation of SEM, signed the memo and Vice Dean Xue, Director of Executive Training Program in SEM attended the ceremony as well.


This program is designed to address those key issues in Chinas public health management enterprise, to lay out effective strategies as well as to learn from advanced international experiences. Through enhancing the competence of policy design, executive management as well as academic research, the program hopes to help develop Chinas public health enterprise and improve the general health conditions of Chinese citizens. Minister Gao hoped that the financing of this program could be implemented more efficiently in order to start this rewarding program as soon as possible.


President Gong Ke of Tsinghua Univesity said Tsinghua has the confidence and competence to implement this program with high quality, in a close coorperation with Harvard School of Public Health.


The Executive Training Program for Chinese Public Health Enterprise are designed and undertaken by Harvard University and Tsinghua University cooperatively. The program includes two classes each year, one for public health policy training and the other for senior executive training in Chinas leading hospitals. Each class enrolls 50 students each year and plans to cultivate a total number of 500 senior public health executives and officials in five years time.


On the next day of the inaugurate, Harvard alumni delegation visited Tsinghua School of Economics and Management. Professor David Daokui Li delivered a speech titled The Chinese Economy: the Current Status and Challenges. The speech was very interactive and received wide acclaim from the audience.