Tsinghua has been voted to be a formal member of PIM


During the 32nd Annual Conference of PIM (Partnership in International Management) in Prague on Nov 12, 2005, Tsinghua University was voted to become the 53rd member of the international organization, for which Tsinghua has held a candidate status for the past year. (http://www.pimnetwork.org/)


Professor Zhao Chunjun, the former Dean of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, Dr. Qian Xiaojun, the MBA Programs Director, and Director, Ms. Jodie Hong You, the MBA International Program Director attended this annual conference.


PIM was founded in 1973 by three graduate business schools, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), New York University (NYU), and London Business School (LBS), succeeded in overcoming academic isolationism and multiple logistical obstacles to make student exchanges a reality. It is governed by a covenant signed by all PIM members in 1986 in Milan and revised in 1994 in Rotterdam and 1999 in Melbourne. The PIM Steering Committee comprises three elected chairpersons responsible for strategic planning and membership.

Member institutions of PIM share the reputations for upholding the highest degree of academic excellence both regionally and globally, and value the organization spirit of international cooperation among its students, faculty and administrations. PIM member institutions recognize the quality and reputation of partner universities, and exchange several thousands of students through the years. The know-how acquired within PIM has permitted members to develop and enhance the international commitment of their institutions. Members meet annually to network, share best practices, discuss PIM strategies for growth and development and collectively address issues that impact international education.

Tsinghua University has developed around 40 overseas exchange partner schools in its IMBA program, collaborated with MIT Sloan School since 1997. Each year about 2/3 IMBA students have the opportunity to study at the partner schools for one semester. Being a member of PIM not only illustrates the prestigious reputation of Tsinghua in academic research and educational level, but also brings Tsinghua a new chapter to globalization and international cooperation.