US Commerce Secretary Dialogued with Tsinghua SEM

“Both China and US government wish no trade war.” US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said during his one-hour dialogue with students from the School of Economics and Management (SEM), Tsinghua Univ, on June 2. This activity was on the agenda of his 3-day visit to China to try to ease tensions in a growing trade war over surging textile exports from China.

Accompanied by Dean Zhao and Prof. QIAN Xiaojun, Gutierrez entered the conference hall amidst the rising applause and flashing white light. “I would like to learn from you by listening and answering your questions, to understand what’s in your mind and what do you concern.” Gutierrez made a straightforward remark and kicked off the round-table dialogue.

The host students posed a series of tough and sharp questions to him, concentrating on the current textile trade war, expressed their concerns and good will on Sino-US trade relationships and also gave some relevant suggestions. Gutierrez explained the US government policy and standpoint on this issue and stated his objection to protectionism. “Protectionism doesn’t protect anyone. It’s a false protection. Instead of protection, we should teach them how to compete. Tell them how to fish instead of giving fish to them.”

“This is just a short-term safeguard, and we try to negotiate on it. “ Gutierrez said.