Tsinghua MBA-University of North Caroline (UNC)MBA Interation Program

On May, 18 th, the Tsinghua MBA Student Union - International affairs department jointly with the MBA International office and the MBA Student Affairs Office held successfully a cross-cultural and business networking session between Tsinghua University ?School of Economics and Management and UNC Chapel Hill ?Kenan Flager Business School, bringing a very friendly and informal channel to discuss the challenges that China and USA companies face in order to enhance the bilateral collaboration and business success. Also, it gave us a valuable knowledge about the American culture and their needs.

It has accounted for a selected group of 30 MBA students from Kenan Flager Business School composed by the regular MBA, the Part-time MBA, the EMBA, the WEMBA, and the IMBA programs; and a selected group of 12 students from Tsinghua MBA programs, composed by Part-time MBA, Full-time MBA, Spring MBA and International MBA Programs.


International exposure and cross cultural knowledge in the world economy will become the main issue that both Chinese companies and MNCs will be facing on a first stage and it is extremely important to deeply understand the difference and enhance the interaction.

Tsinghua MBA Student Union - International affairs department