SEM Postdoctoral Club Co-hosted Independent Innovation Forum

SEM News Office

April 23, 2005

As the students and faculty are celebrating the 94 th anniversary of Tsinghua Univ and the 21 st anniversary of SEM, the opening ceremony of Independent Innovation forum, co-hosted by the postdoctoral sodality of Tsinghua Univ and the postdoctoral club of the School of Economics and Management (SEM), was held in the Shunde Building at SEM on April 23, in the presence of Prof. HE Jiankun, Executive Associate President of Tsinghua Univ, Mr. LI Lianwei, Vice Secretary-General of Postdoctoral Foundation of China, Dr. WANG Jian, Director of Postdoctoral Administration Office of Tsinghua Univ, and Prof. CHEN Guoqing, Executive Associate Dean of SEM. It's also coincident with the 20 years of implementation of the postdoctoral system in China .

The event was followed by the subject reports on independent innovation presented by postdoctoral alumni Mr. ZHANG Qin, Vice Director of State Intellectual Property Office of PRC, Mr. LI Jian, Vice General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., and Mr. SU Jun, Director of Social Science Administration Office .

“With their unremitting efforts, the postdoctorals have been playing an active role in and making enormous contributions to the mission of SEM, that is, human resource cultivation, academic knowledge contribution and world leadership building ”, Prof. CHEN Guoqing said.

Up to now, more than 100 postdoctoral students have ever accomplished over 160 research projects at three postdoctoral research stations in SEM and published over 430 academic dissertations. In 2004, SEM harvested in 25 projects supported by National Science Foundation of China, besides one collaborative project on innovation.

“We will expedite the perfection of work environment, academic research facilities and communication platform. Postdoctoral exchange programs are on the priority list.” SEM said.