Mr. Cai Xufeng Shared His Oriental Management Philosophy

On March 11, Thai Chinese Mr. Cai Xufeng, Vice President of Chia Tai Group lectured in SEM “second classroom”. He talked about the relationship between I-go and management, sharing the management essence of oriental CEOs.

Mr. Cai firstly introduced the retailing business mode of his 7-11 convenience store chains and the management concept of “happiness is our priority”. He said, different from the western systematic management mode, oriental executives pay more attention to flexibility and humanity, pursuing the realm of “govern by nothing that goes against nature”. His brilliant remarks that “We should transit happiness from employers to employees, and to customers”, “management by happiness”, “our goal is the smiling faces of our customers” deeply attracted a large group of student audience.

As the best player of I-go in Thailand , through a deep analysis of I-go strategies, Mr. Cai shared his life and management philosophy with the audience. He said, “Through I-go you can understand life better. I-go has many battles and you have to allocate your resources wisely. You never win the game by beating your competitors. Whoever begins to be greedy will lose the game eventually.” Mr. Cai argued that gaining the popular will is the fundamental purpose of business, not the profit. Oriental CEOs have to build up trust and integrity first, then human ties , and profit always goes last.