TSEM Appoints Professor Bai Chongen as the Dean of Department of Economics

Under the permission and consensus of Tsinghua SEM Executive Commission, Tsinghua SEM appoints Bai Chongen as the Dean of Department of Economics. Professor Bai Chongen became special-term professor of SEM since 2002 and became full-time professor of economics since July 2004.


Biography:Before joining Tsinghua, Professor Bai used to serve as an assistant professor at the School of Economics and Finance, the University of Hong Kong. He graduated from the Chinese University of Science and Technology, Anhui, Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, in 1985. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics/statistics from the University of California at San Diego and another doctorate in economics from Harvard University. His main research interests include organization theory, especially contract theory, with applications to labor economics, industrial organization, comparative systems, and finance. He has also worked on law and economics, economics of transition, and the Chinese economy.