TSEM Held AAPBS First Annual Conference

On Sep 5, 2005, AAPBS (Association of Asia-pacific Business Schools) first annual conference was held in Tsinghua School of Economics and Mangement. Deans from 45 foreign management schools as well as 42 domestic schools attended the event. Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Vice Education Minister of China, Professor Gongke, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Professor Sung Joo Park, Chairman of AAPBS, Dean Zhao Chunjun, Vice Chairman of AAPBS and Dean of Tsinghua SEM delivered their respective speeches in the opening ceremony. Mr. Liu Chunzhi from Lengend Holding Ltd made his keynote speech concerning Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM. The two-day conference primarily focus on the theme of “Asia-Pacific, Tap into the Future” and discuss issues concerning management education in Asia-Pacific's economic development, how to cultivate qualified future leaders, Asia-Pacific’s best practices, future prospects of MBA education, etc.


Minister Zhang firstly represented Chinese Education Ministry to congratulate on the successful opening of AAPBS first annual conference. He confirmed the significance of this event and expressed his wishes that China’s management education could develop in a more accelerated rate in the future. 


President Gong from Tsinghua University represented Tsinghua University to express the school’s warm welcome to the distinguished delegates. He emphasized the unprecedented wave of globalization and its further impact on Chinese economy, culture and education, which he hoped could be addressed adequately during this conference.


Chairman Park addressed that it is a good starting for business schools all across the Asia-Pacific Region to organize and cooperate together. Through exchange and cooperation, we could really make a difference and improve our management education.


Dean Zhao expressed his warm welcome to the distinguished guests as the first host of AAPBS annual conference. He said compared to more than 100 years’ management education evolution in developed countries, management education in Asia-Pacific Region still has a lot of gaps to fill up and a lot of room for development. However, the prosperous economic developement all across the Asia-Pacific Region provided us a historical opportunity for development and some fresh requirements for improving our education quality. Our business leaders are not only required to study economic principles and advanced management skills but also to learn local conditions, cultures and institutions. All along with the great wave of globalization, cross-border transactions, overseas investment have all been drastically increased, which require students to equip themselves with global vision and international business concepts. The new requirements imposed by the enterprises have greatly challenged our management education.


China’s management education has only 25 years’ history. Tsinghua SEM seized the historical opportunity and developed itself from a very small department of Tsinghua University to the biggest and best business school in China. All Chinese business schools have gone through this development process. He hoped foreign deans could know more about Tsinghua SEM as well as Chinese management education, in order to provide us with more valuable advice and explore more cooperation opportunities.


At the end of the conference, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Legend Holding Ltd, made the keynote speech titled “Globalization of Chinese Enterprises”, which was very well received by the audience.



Appendix: Brief Introduction to AAPBS


The Mission


The primary purpose of the AAPBS is to provide leadership and representation in order to advance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Association will accomplish its mission by collaborating in research and teaching, and working in partnership to improve business school standards and quality.


AAPBS and its members are striving to understand and develop a solid paradigm for an Asian management education model within a global context.  We are calling you to join us in this effort.


The History and Inauguration of AAPBS


Oct 17, 2004 marked a historical event with the Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools holding its inaugural meeting in Seoul, Korea.  Prior to this monumental occasion, great strides and milestones were achieved via Asia Pacific Business Schools Forums held in Australia in 2004, Hong Kong in 2003, Taiwan in 2002, and Korea in 2001.


In October of 2004, the AAPBS constitution was jointly crafted by representatives in the region and the members formally chose the inaugural Representative Institutions and Executive Committee Officers of the AAPBS Council. 


11 top business schools in the region came together to form the initial inaugural members of the Association’s Council. Additional institutional members have been added to the Council with the hope that this will soon constitute a leadership board of 20 Institutional Representatives in the region.  The Council’s charge is to represent and address the concerns of business and management schools in the region.  Members at large are invited to join the Association to collaborate and help advance the quality of management education in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Constitution of AAPBS


The Constitution is available as a PDF file.

Download Constitution

Council Members

Inaugural Representative Institutions

Australia:          University of Sydney

China:               Tsinghua University

Hong Kong:      Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

India:                Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Japan:               Keio University

Korea:              KAIST Graduate School of Management

New Zealand:   University of Otago

Philippines:       Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

Singapore:        National University of Singapore

Taiwan:            National Taiwan University

Thailand:           Sasin, Chulalongkorn University

Additional Representative Institutions

Australia           University of Queensland

China:               Fudan University

Hong Kong:      Chinese University of Hong Kong

Japan:               Hitotsubashi University

Korea:              Yonsei University

India:                Indian Institute of Management Bangalore



Dean Sung Joo Park, KAIST Graduate School of Management, AAPBS President

Dean Chunjun Zhao, Tsinghua University, AAPBS Vice President (President-Elect)

Dean Peter W. Wolnizer, University of Sydney, AAPBS Executive Member

Director Bakul Dholakia Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, AAPBS Executive Member

Professor Betty J. Chung, KAIST Graduate School of Management, AAPBS Executive Director