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The Department of Economics, Tsinghua University, was founded in 1926. Professor CHEN Daisun, a Harvard-trained economist and a prominent figure in the history of economics research and education in China, was the head of the department from 1928 to 1952. Under his leadership, the department became one of the very best in China. The department was shut down and the faculty members were assigned to other universities during the university reorganization in 1952. The department was reestablished in 1984. At present, there are 31 fulltime faculty members and 8 distinguished visiting professors in the department.
Despite its eventful history, the Department of Economics sets itself a high target of becoming China’s premier institution of economic research and education with international influence. The department strives to make outstanding contributions on economic research, especially in the field of study in the Chinese economy. Students graduated shall be equipped with a sense of social responsibility, an open mind, the analytical ability, and knowledge and insights about the economy. These characteristics can help students take lead roles in the future based on a solid foundation.
The Department has been actively recruiting new faculty and at the same time developing the existing faculty. In recent years, the Department has added several senior professors with extensive research and teaching experience in overseas research universities, as well as quite a few new faculty members with PhDs from top economics programs abroad.
The Department of Economics aspires to develop a good environment for research, and has already established several research centers to facilitate the faculty and the students for doing research. Moreover, the department has hosted a series of international conferences and several high-level academic events, which attracted the participation of numerous internationally famous scholars.
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